Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The ‘Mission Statement’ gives a clear message to the reader as to;

What we are about
Why the church exists
What the church’s ‘calling’ is
What we do as a church.

It is a rallying call to the church to action.
It anchors the church in the five purposes and reasons for being that the church exists.
It provides boundaries and standards for the church and for new people to see and follow.
It expresses calling and passion.
It is the ‘landscape’ we operate in.

Our Mission Statement is clear and concise –



We connect with God in salvation, in relationships, in worship, in our service.

We connect with one another in fellowship, love, care and support.

We connect with the community through our acts of kindness and care and through our witness and service.


We grow in our spiritual maturity and Christlikeness through God’s word, through Sunday and midweek input and through special courses and seminars.

We grow in relationship with God and with one another.


We serve God and one another with our talents, gifts and abilities. We serve our community through love and care.