Cleansing Stream

Cleansing Stream Ministry

This ministry is run in the church as needed by John and Jeanie Etheredge.  This is a course designed to strengthen the discipleship of a Christian believer.  The course is run in two sections with an 8 week course run in a home-group setting and then one-day retreat.  The retreat is run by Cleansing Streams New Zealand team (Associate Director – Dave Zajkowski and Seth Fawcet – Chairman).  The course has amazing results in peoples lives with spiritual freedom from previous life experiences.  The course and retreat is held here in Blenheim and is open to people from all churches in Marlborough and the community.  Further information is available by contacting the church office.


Sessions will be held on Tuesdays in May, June and July in the Multi-Purpose Building at Harvest Life Church.

The Retreat this year will be held at the Harvest Life Church, Blenheim, on 19th August.