Water Baptism at Harvestlife Church – June 2017

Water baptism for the Christian believer is an act of obedience on behalf of the person. Jesus made a command that we repent of our sin and be baptised. Water baptism follows repentance of sin and the receiving of God great gift of salvation through Jesus. Jesus died on that horrible and cruel Roman cross for all mankind. He took our sins upon himself. The person who realizes this and repents of their sin and receive Jesus into their lives is ‘born again’. This is the first step in relationship with God. There is a journey of faith for every believer. God desires you to grow in your faith and water baptism is the next step. To be water baptised is to confess Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour. As you go under the water it is symbolic of your old life and sin without Jesus being washed away and buried. As you rise up from the water you are symbolizing a fresh start and a new life to be lived in relationship with God.
If you are yet to be baptised please consider this act of obedience to Jesus command.