Inspiring Series and Focus for 2016

After much prayer and consideration we have named the year for our church, families and businesses – Abundance and Increase. We are believing to see God’s nature of the All-sufficient , Almighty God nature released to His people and His church. God reveals Himself as the more than enough God who has created a more than enough creation in our world. The amazing aspects of God’s creation include the principle of sowing and reaping, increase, seeds that multiply and so on. How great is our God.

We established an initial message series for January of ‘God is more than enough’ with 4 messages focusing upon this and how his people and church relate to this. We established the boundary points around our church , marriages, families , children and businesses. The boundary points of course being the truths of God’s Word.

On the first Sunday in February we began with a message on ‘Prayer – unlocking the impossible’.

The remainder of February will be a look at the Biblical focus upon  ‘One another and each other’. What does the Bible say about this?  Our aim is the strengthen the community of our church.